Top 7 Questions About Being Vegan
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“So, like you’re vegan?”

When I first became vegan, I received so many questions, I decided to write about it. At the time, I wasn’t always comfortable saying I ate a plant-based diet, but as I grew in my plant-based journey, I became more comfortable and more open to share with others. So here’s a little bit about my experience and maybe it can help you along the way.

Q: So, how long have you been like that?

I began adopting a plant-based diet in 2014.

Q: Is it because of some sort of religious reason?

A: No. I grew up vegetarian but ate meat most of my life. I changed by diet for the health benefits and to promote healthy eating in marginalized communities.

Q: So, like, what do you eat?

A: Fruits, vegetables, pasta, veggie sushi, pizza, veggie burgers, salads, beans, rice, tofu, ice cream. I eat pretty much everything I used to eat, just without animal products. You can pretty much veganize anything.

Q: How do you get protein?

A: I get most of my protein from tofu and beans, but I just discovered Vega protein shakes. The chocolate one is delicious, and I usually add a banana for sweetness.

Q: Do you eat fish? So you don’t eat chicken or anything like that?

Eating plant-based means I don’t eat any food that comes from an animals (or fish) or has any animal products in it.

Q: Do you miss meat?

A: Before I went vegan, I loved eating chicken and seafood. I do miss the flavors sometimes, but when I think about what I’m putting in my body, the impact it has on the animal, and the impact it has on the ecosystem, it overrides any craving I used to have. Also, if there’s something I’m craving, I’ve gotten really good at making a vegan version, which is great because I’ll feel good eating it and I know it will be tasty.

Q: Does it make you gain weight?

A: No, lol. Not working out and stuffing my face full of tasty food makes me gain weight. I try to be as balanced as possible in all things so, exercising regularly is an important part of my life. Being vegan doesn’t mean that you will be skinny and wont have to work out.


Enjoy the best of plant based cooking.

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